The weather of Holguin province is humid tropical with two periods very well defined, one rainy and another with less rainfall, the first term comes from May to October, though for some specialists it continues until November, in this period the rainiest period is October, the second, called as a term with less rainfall goes from November to April with a drier month, February , besides rains vary from the inner side of the territory to the coast and from west to east in the whole territory of the province.

Registration of the average weather are higher in the provincial area historically located between 24,0 and 25,6 degrees centigrade with a year oscillation of  4,0 ºC between the coldest month (February) and the warmest (August).

The coastal zone is characterized by the direct influence of the Atlantic Ocean’s waters, it is the fringe with highest irradiation values with middle temperatures of 24,4 ºC on February  (coldest month) until 28,4 ºC on July and August.  The wind predominantly blows to the east, with a yearly middle speed of   4 m/s. This zone presents the maximum of suffocating heat conditions which during the day reaches extreme magnitudes.

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