How to get there

Holguin, land where Admiral Christopher Columbus landed, exactly in Bariay, land of encounter for two great cultures, has today different ways to arrive in. The fastest and direct way is by plain, by means of the “Frank Pais” international airport, at 13 kilometres away from Holguin City. The terminal is located at one hour and a half flight from the Capital of the country. It is located at the outskirts of the city and near the highway that joins it with the rest of the national territory. Besides, there are direct flights from several important capitals of the world such as Holland, Russia, Italy, Germany and other known cities. A wide network of secondary roads communicates all municipalities and places of interest of the province from which you may go to the beautiful beaches following the highway throughout the north coast.

If you also like to drive and recreate with the landscape and nature you may do a tour from the capital of the country in a rented car or use “Astros” bus line until Holguin province and later move to the wonderful facilities of beaches. Other way to access the city is by train and also you may arrive by sea to these unique beaches through the north coast of the north eastern side of Cuba.

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